Buying the clarifying shampoo with teenage daughter


After we barely survived the turbulent times of slamming doors, throwing pillows and changing from super happy to fully sad, like that  DiCaprio remained on the Titanic, our older daughter was already at college, but as we forgot that, it comes a new storm – Vita, our youngest daughter, has entered in puberty. Oh, no, do we must  all over again? With barely the age of 14 playing games replaced the watch in the mirror as it is the secret of life, and all sports clothing miraculously got legs and ended up in the trash. Researching refrigerator replaced a researching the closet of older sister when she was not at home, and playing with toys can no longer be cool.

Our Vita spent her pocket money on  lip glosses and I as the father got a lesson in cosmetics and learned the difference between eyeliner, lipgloss and eyeshadow, eye shower (Do the eyes have to take a shower?), mascara and eyeliner. We thought she would leave it at that, until Mark from the class did say that her hair looks like straw. Well, that was the last drop in the glass of my Vita. After slamming the door, and also  after my wife not even order a pizza while we are cheering for soccer, because Vita apparently replaced the concepts of price increases and price cuts telecommunications, it was decided that her hair urgent need a change.

Our oldest daughter  took all her cosmetics, and there was nothing to use. The decision was only one thing – shopping where her favorite daddy is a bank. Talking to friends and researching the Internet Vita came to the conclusion that for begin,conditioners and hair masks at all acted, must obtain a clarifying shampoo. Clari .. what? Following the instructions that I must more surfing on the Internet, and learn about current trends, we went to the drugstore in the search for so-called – best clarifying shampoo.

In order to nevertheless know what we’re looking for, Vita in the car informed me that the clarifying shampoo  is used for deep wash, it must be used once or twice a month, and the most important thing is that removes dirt and debris accumulated conditioner, mask and all the dirt on the hair. And so we are at the drugstore were are facing with endless shelves of shampoo. Oh, now, what clairfying shampoo to choose? Pantene containing lemon grass (I did not know that lemon has its own grass), L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Pure Resource Shampoo will her hair, among other things, provide long-lasting shine, Nexus Aloe Rid Gentle Clarifying Shampoo, which particularly effective removes chlorine and salt water from the hair (Yeah, yeah, I’m going to the pool tomorrow with Ana!) or …? As long as my Vita did not spotted flying colors of Balea collection, and my wallet is finally become happy because of cheep prices. The decision fell to Balea, considering that this is her first clairfying shampoo, and my also. There was no end to our happiness, when the next day after the arrival from the swimming, Vita washed her hair, and she was instantly brighter and softer than before.

Prom night of my youngest daughter

prom nightSoon is prom night of my youngest daughter, and in the house has long been the total chaos. I do not understand why this is a big mess, anyway it is just an ordinary evening where the high school generation is partying. For months my youngest daughter chooses what to wear, goes to shopping  thousand times a week, and can not decide for the final selection. First she tried a long dress with deeper cleavage, but it does not match the color, then she tried festive tight pants with beautiful white shirt, but it looks too strictly. Even she does not like narrow black dress that is in my opinion, just perfect.

And the hairstyles, makeup, I would not speak about that. She does not like hair loose, or raised in the tail. I really do not what I will, and I think I will hold out somehow for those few days to prom. Anyway, most of them will be honestly sit back and half of it will not remember. When I was in the years of my daughter, I do not gave so much importance to this evening, my class and I had a classic dinner without any problems and prepare like my daughter. The other two girls are very nervous about the new situation, and everyone can not wait to pass this party, that finally, we have peace in the house.

For months now we walk to the hairdresser that my darling daughter has the perfect hairstyle that will hold all night. Due to the fact that she has long thick hair, her ideal hairstyle would be a festive and all pick up in a bun, but she wants to have a completely free hair without flowing curls, but I think it is lame. If she gave to this evening  so much attention, she should have a nice festive hairstyle. Even she thought about changing hair color to blue but, it would in my opinion, be a total failure. So, prove that to my stubborn daughter. Thankfully, shoes are chosen and she will have closed black stilettos with high heels, Fortunately, she had learned to walk in high heels.

She bought a lot of new make-up of various colors, eye shadows, mascara, and how she will make up we will know after she buy a dress. In recent days, I am so nervous that I wish to hide all the makeup and let her go to prom with no make-up. But I though, I am a father and I must try to understand her excitement. Tomorrow we finally choose dress for prom night, and I hope that she will not be too complicated in the shopping for this event, my wife will give her a gold family jewelry and earrings that will make her even more beautiful.

But finally there came a day of decisions and my daughter in the store found her proper prom red dress, it fits great with her body because it is short, narrow and tightly. Also, it goes well with black shoes and a black purse, red lipstick and  a little  bit of smokey eyes. After much hassle, my daughter decided to have curly hair, and despite all the problems in the past few months, she will be the most prettiest .